How to Turn a Loveless
Marriage into a Romance

When you’re missing out on the feelings of being in love, it can seem like an important part of your life has vanished.

Marriage often starts out as one of the most amazing life experiences, but all too often the magic fades away.

This happens because most couples make simple mistakes unknowingly that cause them to feel separate, so conflicts increase and intimacy and communication suffers.


But the greatest mistake most couples make is thinking that things can’t get any worse.
They couldn’t be more wrong.

People that pretend things are better than they really are, often wind up deeply disappointed
and feeling neglected.

No one really wants to live two separate lives under one roof, but they do and it hurts.

You Can Fall Back in Love

My approach has helped hundreds of couples turn their marriages around and can potentially help you too.

If you want to be happier, have more passion, better communication, and increased feelings of that heart-felt connection that creates intimacy…

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  • You will learn how to transform your marriage.
  • Even if you think it’s impossible
  • And even if your marriage feels like it’s on the edge of divorce.

No matter what your situation is like, it has the potential to get better. You just need to know what to do and what not to do.

And then implement it in your own marriage.

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No matter how bad your situation might seem, there are many things you can do today to begin to improve it.

  • That only happens when you stop doing the things that aren’t working.
  • And begin to do the things that will work.
  • But you have to know what they are.

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Jeff Forte is the founder of PEAK Results Coaching, and author of the International Selling Book. The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Making Love Last. Jeff’s book is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Jeff’s articles have appeared in:

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Here’s what people are saying about Jeff and Unwrapping the Secrets of Happy Marriages:

“I went into the webinar hoping to get some insight and understanding of what I was missing to keeping my marriage going. What I got was so much more. It was not just packed with information about relationships. It was packed with actual steps and strategies, specific things to say and do with my husband to bring him close to me again. I walked away from the webinar with a plan and a purpose and it was amazing to see how my husband reacted to what I learned. Our relationship instantly began to change.” — Jamie

“After hearing Jeff speak of his own first marriage failure and how he completely changed the way he now thinks, reacts, and communicates in his current happy marriage, I was encouraged and excited to start using his techniques with my husband of 35 years. Now, I use his strategies regularly to keep positivity and love alive in my marriage. It’s astonishing how different a response I can get from my husband when I am conscious of the way I interact with him.” — Mary

“Our first conversation was remarkable because Jeff understood immediately what was happening between us. No one had ever been able to talk to me about my marriage issues in such an easy to understand right to the point manner. I knew that he was the right person for us right away. Everything about our marriage improved. We are closer than we have been in 15 years and finally I feel like my husband understands me.” — Sandra

“We learned more in 3 sessions with Jeff than we had in the previous 4 years of couples therapy. He is so insightful about exactly what to do. It’s hard to imagine how many mistakes we were making that were so easily fixed with his guidance. Our lost connection with each other is back and more.” — Marlene and Jerry

“My marriage was miserable, and I was really unhappy. We had tried couples counseling but ended up arguing more. I was seeing someone else and wanted clarity. There is no doubt that Jeff saved my marriage even though he tells me that I did.” — Rachel

“If you are thinking about divorcing or separating from your spouse, do talk to Jeff Forte. He has straight to the point style that has a way of solving big problems pretty quickly. My wife and I couldn’t communicate. It seemed like even the smallest things could become arguments. I can’t even remember how many times she had threated to leave me. All of our time with therapy did nothing for us. A friend of mine had used Jeff’s services and highly recommended him to me. In the first conversation I learned that our communication problem was only a symptom of not having a connection. It probably took a few months, but I feel like my wife and I are in a really good place now and that wouldn’t have been possible without Jeff Forte. ” — Brian

“We had started counseling together, but it was going nowhere, just rehashing the same issues that caused us to fight. Jeff told me that I might be able to reverse the whole thing on my own and gave me some great advice. At first I didn’t believe him, now I recommend him. It worked so well, that my wife said that she thought I was a totally different person.” — Richard

“I found Jeff Forte on an internet search looking for help to keep my marriage from divorcing. We had used a few different couples therapists but nothing had changed and nothing we were doing was working. After 17 years of marriage, there was no affection and my feelings for my husband had changed. I didn’t feel loved and I no longer felt like I was in love with him. Jeff was the only thing that stood between my marriage and divorce because I was ready to give up. I am so grateful to you Jeff for helping us bring the love back into our marriage. I recommend you to anyone who is unhappily married.” — Barbara