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Why Disappointment Helps Marriage Self-Destruct

Are you still “In Love” with your spouse?

In my private client work, I often see couples who are completely disconnected from each other.

There is no doubt that they have fallen out of love.

It wasn’t intentional.

Neither of them woke up one day and decided to fall out of love with the other.

It just happens.

I Need to Feel Valued…

Our intellectual capacity to ignore our own longings and yearnings is self-destructive.

We ignore the very things we want the most in our lives because we are unwilling to tell ourselves the truth:

I need love.
I need to feel valued…

3 Ways to Increase Intimacy

By far the biggest complaint I hear from couples is that they no longer feel intimately connected with each other. This creates real and often devastating consequences. Lack of an emotional connection is the #1 cause of divorce.  What started off as that deep feeling of chemistry and connection fades away. And it often catches one partner by […]