Who taught you how to keep love and passion alive long-term in your relationship?

We all had role models, good or bad, that influence us in our relationships. After suffering through a divorce over 20 years ago and at a low point in my life, I was determined to learn the true secrets to happy relationships.

After many years of study, research, and wild experimentation in my own marriage, I had a moment of total clarity. I knew exactly what to do to immediately shift any challenge in my marriage. I want to give that power and freedom to you right now.

The answers to overcoming distance, fear, frustration, and anger and finally achieving lasting and deep love are available to you on my site and in my book, The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle. Learn how to have the power and knowledge to turn your marriage into real happiness, deep connection, security, passion and joy.

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Live the adventure and Love with Passion!

Jeff Forte CSIC CME

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This book will help you change your life… in 90 Minutes! The tools and strategies that you will read about have certainly changed mine.

Divorce is ugly. I’ve been there. Relationship stress can be brutal and spill over into every area of life. It doesn’t have to happen because there are things that you can do right now, today, to shift even the most… Read more

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Years ago I asked myself a question that Changed my life… What type of loving, passionate, deeply connected relationship was truly possible between two people…not just for a few years, but long term?

Great relationships don’t just happen. Couples Who have amazing marriages do specific little things consistently that build and sustain love
and passion… Read more

Next Steps

I have saved many marriages from divorce, even when things seemed hopeless. Even if counseling has failed, and you have tried everything. These revolutionary breakthrough strategies work and I have made them easy to understand and implement. Get your copy of The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle and test these strategies out for yourself.

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High levels of careers success and financial abundance without a fulfilling relationship leads to emptiness.

We had started counseling together, but it was going nowhere, just rehashing the same issues that caused us to fight. Jeff told me that I might be able to reverse the whole thing on my own and gave me some great advice. At first I didn’t believe him, now I recommend him. It worked so well, that my wife said that she thought I was a totally different person.

Framingham, MA

After 5 years of on and off couple’s therapy and being at my wits end I found Jeff.I learned so much from him that I hired him to work with me separately. Everything about our marriage improved. We are closer than we have been in 15 years and finally I feel like my husband understands me.

Carol Palmer
Darien, CT

I went to Jeff’s relationship seminar and after hearing him talk I began to understand why my wife and I had disconnected. I learned exactly what I was doing wrong. After working with Jeff for just a month, everything that I do in my relationship has changed. His strategies really work. I recommend you call him right away.

Madison, CT

My friend suggested I contact Jeff Forte because she knew someone who said he fixed her marriage. I was surprised at how fast he got to what was really wrong in our relationship that no therapist had done in 4 years. We really appreciated his no nonsense, no blame, and educational approach. Jeff helped bring love back into our marriage and my husband and I feel like we can handle anything together now.

Avon, CT